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Trusslight represents very sophisticated and specialized brands, where each of them captivated us with something special. Offered products are at the highest world level.

Its dynamic development, precise quality control, first-class materials and qualified employees make them professional equipment confirmed by numerous of certificates.

The combined forces of Trusslight together with partners of the offered brands makes our company very affordable and comprehensive product and service offer.


Duratruss logo

DuraTruss it is a Netherland brand with very strong foundations. DuraTruss  is a company that is dynamically developing, mainly due to the professional customer service and interesting solutions that are all the time available on stock.

The offered products were created in cooperation with people that have a decade knowledge, where they jointly consign their ideas into technical paper.

What made us confidence? Availability of products manufactured in Europe.


Profesjonalne skrzynie trasportowe na sprzęt estradowy

Trusslight Cases Polish manufacturers of flight cases.We are a company with the latest machinery and a big heart and commitment to every project.

They approach each topic individually. Each flight case is made at the highest level. Before starting work, each detail is discussed and applied to the technical drawing.

Precision of execution and individual approach to the project, that’s us.

YODN – brands to produce R Series Beam Lamps

YODN LOGO-partner-trusslight

YODN is one of the leading brands to produce R Series Beam Lamps. R Series Beam Lamps have the most optimized and accurate light beam among the existing stage lamps.

The sparkling, strong light beams can eliminate shadows and perform brilliant colors; making R Series the ideal stage light for concerts, TV studios, and night clubs.

What made us confidence? Excellent price-quality ratio and immediate availability.

SAFETEX – is a German manufacturer of belts, round slings, shackles, winches, safety lines,

Safetex – is a German manufacturer of belts, round slings, shackles, winches, safety lines, which are made of the highest quality materials that meet all applicable standards in Europe.

The manufacturer prides itself on the highest quality of workmanship, which is strictly controlled at every production stage.

What made us confidence? Top quality made in Germany.

CARRYING BAGS –  are products of the highest quality on the market, made in Poland.

Trusslight carrying bags are products of the highest quality on the market, made in Poland. Our bags are characterised by outstanding durability and attention to detail. We are able to design and perform each of the challenges set for us.

We use the best quality materials available on the market and  the latest machinery park for precise and very effective production of our products. We offer eco-series and softbags products.

What made us confidence? Polish production and fast lead time.

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