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The FCSTAGE Company is a new brand on the Polish market that wishes to represent itself and offered products/services in a different way than the others do.

People representing the company and brands are enthusiasts, curious about current and innovative technologies who want to constantly develop.

Due to many years of involvement in the music and event industry, we approach each challenge in a fully professional and individual way.

Know How

Knowledge gained through many years of experience in services enabling the use of relevant in every topic. We are not afraid of challenges and we will implement every project.


Gathered experience since 2004 help us to approach and diversifies any kind of project.


Nowadays, you have to focus on professionalism. Everyone requires more and more from us in every respect, which is why we undoubtedly approach each task with full professionalism.


We approach each of our customers and projects with full individualism, why? Each of us has our own point of view, which is why we need to achieve the end result together.


The number of kilometers traveled overall years is a real treat for us but we are happy to get another one’s. Direct contact is one of the most important factors of cooperation for us. Whether visiting fair trade’s, headquarters, at the investor’s point and on the road, it is a big pleasure for us.


We are a company that values the highest quality and good contact with customers. We aim to be the best in our field and give you what’s the best!

Join our community of our satisfied customers.


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